• How are HydroReleased Ingredients different from existing hydrolyzed flours?

    Unlike simple flours or pastes that are suspended in water, cooked, and hydrolyzed, our HydroReleased process uses the power of water to first liberate the nutritional components of the whole grains, nuts, or seeds so that the released nutrients can function independently minimizing the need for added ingredients such as gums, stabilizers, emulsifiers, empty caloric fillers, etc. Importantly, released nutrients also resist aggregation, which eliminates fouling of process equipment.

  • How do HydroReleased Ingredients benefit formulations?

    HydroReleased Ingredients can be used beneficially in all food categories. The liberated nutrients provide functionality of all the nutrients and improved digestibility.
    Our ingredients can be used as a replacement for dairy milk because of the nutritional value of the plants and their protein, oil, and carbohydrate composition.

    Just as milk is used in so many formulations, our milked grains, nuts, and seeds can be used in those food categories as a nutritious replacement for dairy.

  • How does the HydroRelease process work?

    The HydroRelease Process is a sustainable, 100% organic process utilizing water, enzymes, and mechanical processing to release the nutrients from whole viable grains, nuts, and seeds. We start with the whole grain, nut, or seed instead of milled flours or pastes.

    Since the process is 100% organic, we can produce organic products by using organic raw materials.

  • What’s so special about HydroReleased Ingredients?

    HydroReleased Ingredients have revolutionized the way plant-based ingredients are made, unlocking a whole new universe of culinary ingredient opportunities for plant-based food innovation. Through our transformative water-powered technology, HydroReleased Ingredients unlock the nutrients, taste, functionality, and digestibility of whole grains, nuts, and seeds.

    We milk the essential nutrients from the plants.


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