• Water Usage: We started 2021 with the progressive goal of saving 2.6 million gallons of water in our ingredient manufacturing plant this year. As of April 2021, we’ve met and exceeded our goals – and are projecting to save approximately 8 million gallons of water by year-end.
  • Power Usage: All of Steuben’s electricity is derived from renewable energy; the hydroelectric grid of the mighty Niagara River. We’ve invested in high-efficiency LEDs company-wide, from parking lots to offices. This switch is saving 94 kW of power/hr, over 800,000 kW per year!
  • Our products are created from renewable and sustainable resources.
  • Raw Material Traceability: 
    • We believe in traceability of our raw materials right back to the farm and field. Raw materials such as oats that are certified to be gluten-free are subject to the Purity Protocol. Since we use a variety of raw materials, some of which are considered allergens, we process only one raw material at a time. After extensive cleaning, we validate that the equipment is free from any allergen-containing raw materials.

HydroReleased Ingredients began by supplying base ingredients for Elmhurst 1925’s plant milks. In early 2020, we expanded to support other 3rd parties as an ingredients supplier.